How a son views his artistic father...

"My father could work at all hours of the day and night. When we slept, he was on creating. Painting until dawn, for hours ... until the first rays of the sun appeared. If we walked together on the street he suddenly stopped. Struck by inspiration he stood there for minutes, staring at a building where he admired the shapes and colours. As a child it was sometimes difficult to understand what was going on in him. I saw him thinking. I saw him enjoy. I saw him passionately produce his next work of art.
My father was a man of extremes, had a strong opinion, was driven passionate. He liked music very much, especially jazz. That is why you sometimes would see musical notes in his paintings. My father also disagreed with politics; often painting anti-political statements.
The characteristics of his painting are like no other, with influences from for example Asian art, Spanish culture and the Mediterranean. Its what makes a painting a Serinya painting. My father took good care of us, even though he lived the life of an artist. I have enormous appreciation for his passionate way of working. His life was dominated by the art with which he still enriches everyone's lives."

Pablo Serinyà

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