Narcís Serinyà Gonzalez, born on April 6, 1944 in Barcelona.
Son of clothing pattern artist Siset Serinyà Sayol and mother Maria Luz Gonzalez Villar.
His brother Juan was born in 1954.
Narcis grew up in Barcelona until he was 16 years old.
During General Franco's regime, the family left for Venezuela and settled in the capital, Caracas.
At the age of 21, Narcis became homesick for his hometown and decided to return to Barcelona independently. He built a new life here and went to study at the Escuela de Bellas Artes.
In 1968 he decided to found the Tarot Group together with his fellow students. Tarot was a group formed by four students of the art academy including Narcis. Together they could learn from each other and share knowledge. They published the artist's magazine Tarot. The money they earned from this was used to buy materials, hold exhibitions and promote their work.
Besides his passion for painting, Narcis was a great lover of jazz music. Driven as he was, he went to study music at the conservatory and learned to read notes. Drumming in a jazz band was his dream. He eventually managed to break through as a drummer and played at several festivals including El Festival de Jazz van Sitges in Calatuña. Narcis met many of his idols from American Jazz history.
In 1973 Narcis married a Dutch woman. From this marriage two sons were born, Marcel and Pablo.
Around 1975 Narcis started an advertising agency with a select group of friends which resulted in a very successful company.
In 1985 he left business and renounced advertising to focus on his passion, painting nature and poetry on canvas.
Big names in the Spanish art culture like, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Picasso and Antonie Tapies were greats for Narcis. All of them were unique characters who gave him inspiration and reflection on his artistic and poetic way of thinking.
Narcis travelled a lot through Japan, for him the land of unprecedented poetry and mysticism.
Some of the paintings he made were inspired by Asian landscapes.
With his perseverance in painting for 34 years, Narcís Serinyà managed to give a very wide range of exhibitions, mainly in France, Spain and some in the Netherlands.

Narcís Serinyà Gonzalez