Would you like to become our sponsor?

We would like that as many people as possible will enjoy the artworks of Narcis Serinya before they disappear in private collections. That is why we organize the coming year various activities in collaboration with partners.

For example, we make paintings available free of charge to partners who exhibit them in a public place. We go to the people with our art.

We will also provide one or more exhibitions in the coming year, with which we will also support social and educational goals. Serinya Gallery is looking for collaboration possibilities with Dutch sponsors


Every relationship is unique, and has its own wishes and interpretations. That is why for Serinya Gallery every collaboration is customizable. We want to position our partners in such a way that they achieve satisfaction from the contribution they make.

We are looking for cooperation with partners who make a financial or social contribution want to deliver and be involved in the project. We have a listening ear for them ear and offer different name recognition options and we give one interpretation of the project that fits the character of both Serinya Gallery and the partner.